Seth Furey

Seth Furey, owner and creator of Hands Of Furey, has been in the health and wellness field for over 10 years. Starting off as a personal trainer, he transitioned his passion into massage therapy. He is one of the most requested therapist in Los Angeles, and has worked with some of the biggest stars in the world ,from music to sports, and the tv screen. Although he is traditionally trained, most of his techniques have been developed through his own creativity and intuition, leaving you with a truly original Hands Of Furey experience. His combination of stretches, flow and balance, will feel closer to a journey rather than a standard massage. Book with Seth today!


$250/60 min
$375/90 min
$500/120 min

travel not included


(see videos below for reference)

Face Massage $100/ 20 mins

Red Light Cupping $40